Bucks Provincial Grand Master


Buckinghamshire are immensely proud to be one of the first

Provinces to launch a Festival for the new Masonic Charitable

Foundation. It offers the brethren of Buckinghamshire the

opportunity to contribute and support this wonderful new charity.

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Make a regular donation to the 2021 Festival Appeal

over the next five years and enable the MCF to help

even more families, charities and community services.

Donate to the 2021 Festival Appeal >>


Organise a fundraising event and collect sponsorship from

your family, friends and colleagues with a free MCF online

fundraising page. You'll also receive a free lapel pin to show

Tell me more about the Festival Challenge >>

you've taken part in the Festival Challenge.

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Here is a statement showing the impact Bucks Festival 2021 is having on the community

Another year, another Cheque Presentation Evening. The event was held in Aylesbury on Sunday, 19th May 2019. As usual a wide range of charitable organisations were in attendance.

Gary Brodie and Dan Cunningham handing over a cheque for £10,000 to Graham Dearing, Phil Blacklaw and Tony Robinson

On Sunday the Bucks Motorbike Lodge with the Bucks Classic Car Lodge members undertook their Mad Dash, visiting all the Masonic Centre’s in Bucks in 8 hours. The event which was arranged by W Bro Gary Brodie and W Bro Dan Cunningham from the Bike Lodge had many members dressed up in their finest leathers…

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