Medical Detection Dogs


You will remember that, as part of the Tercentenary Celebrations, a special Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) Community Awards fund of £3 million was set up to support 300 charities across the country. Each Masonic Province was asked to nominate a number of local charities which would benefit from a donation from this fund.

Buckinghamshire was given £58,000 to award to six charities. The fund was to be distributed according to the number of votes cast for each charity. Can I thank everyone who cast their vote and helped promote this wonderful initiative. It has now helped the following six charities, operating in Buckinghamshire and which serve our community, to achieve the following donations:

The results for Buckinghamshire are as follows:-

Stoke Mandeville Cancer Care And Haematology Fund

Has secured the most votes and received a grant of £25,000

Medical Detection Dogs

Has been awarded a grant of £15,000

Hearing Dogs For The Deaf

Has been awarded a grant of £6,000

Karens Big Smiles Charity Trust

Has been awarded a grant of £4,000

The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust

Has been awarded a grant of £4,000


Has been awarded a grant of £4,000

If you would like to know how charities fared in other Provinces visit >>

Brethren, these awards are something Buckinghamshire Freemasons should be very proud of and I urge you all to share this information with friends and family. The £58,000 split between six local charities was only made possible because we, as Freemasons, want to make a difference in the world, and are happy to donate money to the Masonic Charitable Foundation. Remember, this £58,000 is part of £3m which has been donated by the MCF via these awards across the county.

As our Festival 2021 is for the MCF, it is a fantastic example of how the money we give via the Festival does come back to into the Province and helps local people. It is a great reason to ensure that everyone in the Province is giving something towards the Festival as we do get it back.

Brethren, be part of something special, and let’s get every Brother whose circumstances permit to support our Province of Buckinghamshire’s Festival 2021. It’s just one click away >>

Our Provincial Communications Officer, W Bro Steve Smirthwaite, is working to get a press release out to all local papers throughout the Province. He is also working with the charities, who are recipients of the grants, to ensure that we publicise their work and the donation they have received. Please keep an eye on your local press for coverage as it is something we should shout about.

All these charities will be invited to the next Cheque Presentation evening, which will be in the New Year, to formally receive their grant from us. However, rest assured that the money is already making its way to them for use in serving this wonderful Province of Buckinghamshire.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

W Bro Graham Dearing PSGD
Assistant Provincial Grand Master